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Build a Guest House and Regenerative Model Project

  Ananda Kalyani is a holistic and multifaceted project that aims to serve and contribute to local and regional development, as well as being a hub for visitors, events and organisations that envision and work for a more conscious present and future. It has grown from being a desolate land where Ananda Marga members revitalised the soil, planted gardens, developed projects and structures, and gradually transform it into a flourishing micro-society. We support and collaborate with a strong local, regional and national network of actively engaged people and associations that advocate a more regenerative approach. And we pursue to expand our service to all beings and inspire everyone towards their own self-realisation.

   Our most exciting project this year has been our new guest house, a construction that to us means growth, emancipation, possibilities, regenerative tourism, space for events participants, and future financial sustainability for the projects. This has been a prolonged process with unexpected extra costs. To finalise the last construction works, furniture needs and other final additions we need your help. 30% of the guest house is funded by national rural funds, however the rest of the extra expenditure we have to cover. To kickstart our regenerative use of the guest house will create livelihoods and liveliness in Ananda Kalyani, and for that we need your help. Every coin counts.

   We are honoured to invite you to be a part of this journey as we collectively realise the vision of building a guest house to accommodate more visitors & event participants at Ananda Kalyani.

Your economic support is very important.
Every donation, no matter how small, makes a difference.


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Ananda Kalyani Guest House

  • 32 beds allocated into three dorms
  • Located in a secluded valley forest surrounded by dramatic mountain views
  • Fully equipped professional kitchen for hygienic food preparation and cooking classes
  • Community space
  • Basement for high-impact storage such as seed banking, food preservation, and food storage
  • Modern toilets with ecological plumbing system: A water outlet system that will re-use grey & blackwater for agricultural irrigation
  • Solar panels for energy and burning local wood as a source of heating
  • Only natural and eco-friendly cosmetics and cleaning products will be used and are available to purchase (amongst other exciting community delicacies and souvenirs) at the Ananda Kalyani shop

Through the construction of our guest house and its extended possibility to visit Ananda Kalyani YOU can:

Thank you so much for your belief in our vision and your contribution.

Namaskar and infinite love,

Your Ananda Kalyani Family

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