Ananda Kalyani Master Unit

Prama Academy has a partnership with the Ananda Kalyanii Master Unit, which is also its main venue.

“A balanced settlement that acts as a volunteer hub and living research center where everyone can fully realize their potentialities in harmony with all of nature”

Ananda Kalyani, the Portuguese Master Unit, aims to create an ecological settlement that works as model all-round service and rural multipurpose development center on a rural site in the north eastern center of Portugal. It will be an model of sustainability and volunteer action in practice, as well as being a tourist attraction, education and research resource. It will be at the cutting edge of ecological building, renewable energy generation, woodland management, biological waste water treatment, intensive food production and small scale economic systems. It will include settlements for collective projects as well as individual houses and big natural areas, for a balanced and sustainable center. With an eye set on spiritual development, it will also count with numerous courses, workshops and training that will give an opportunity to everyone to realize their true mission in life, learning how to achieve their goals. It will become an internationally recognized center of environmental excellence and would create numerous sources of employment, both within the community and beyond. It offers the Local Authority the opportunity to be seen supporting and backing major European environmental initiatives within its area.

In a nutshell, a Master Unit is a self-sufficient zone, based on all-round service, that inspires and offers a more balanced, healthy and proactive lifestyle. Using an economical sustainable model (PROUT), it acts as a nerve centre for the local community, and demonstrates new technologies for environmental sustainability while providing guidelines in order to facilitate its replication. People can move at unison utilizing fully their potentialities, in harmony with nature and surrounding communities, expanding all possible ways by which they can serve, through education, culture, economics and spiritual enhancement.


  1. To create a model for sustainable 21st century living, based on neo-humanistic values and all-round service, which would serve as a replicable  educational, research and service resource for both Portugal and European Community;
  2. To act as a social hub, as “nerve center” for the iberian peninsula, for science, arts, education, culture, economics and consciousness studies;
  3. Through a neo-humanistic and spiritual education, help improving the fate of all living beings, irrespective of all artificial barriers as well as provide for residents and the surrounding community material and non material needs in a supportive environment;
  4. To maximize the potential for earning within the local community by increasing self-reliance in food, energy and housing and the scope of service projects inside the community itself;
  5. To maximize lifestyles that promotes living in harmony with the environment and minimizing pollution to air, water and land;
  6. To demonstrate a new approach to rural regeneration, showing the potential for agricultural and economic productivity of land through the application of ecological sustainability, Permaculture design and Neo-Humanistic approaches.