Spring Retreat 2017 – The Force of Light – when the Spirit meets Action.

“Through action together with devotion and knowledge you will find the meaning of your life, the supreme treasure of your heart”
Shrii Shrii Anandamurti

Starts: April 13th Ends: April 16th

A yoga and meditation retreat in the historical town of Minas de Panasqueira, next to the Serra de Estrela National Park, in intimate proximity of the Zêzere river, come and experience a voyage through the practices and surrounding nature, towards our essence, our spiritual purpose.

We live in changing times. The ancient practices of yoga and meditation open doors for our deepest being, doors to a broader view of our true nature and inner strength. This is a transformative experience. This inner change can be shared. We can all make our contribution to a better world, and in that giving… receive.

In the depths of our being there is a desire … a search … for something profound …What is this, that transcends words, touches the heart, which mysteriously attracts us? That goes hand in hand with a universal service, actions for a better world …This is the discovery of our mind and consciousness, which accompanies mystics and poets, artists and yogis through the ages.In these times of change, great challenges in spiritual, environmental, economic realms… embark with us on this journey towards your inner strength, your Light.

The retreat is happy to welcome the indian monk Dada Krsnananda.

This retreat is organised by Prama Academy, the events and course organising department of the Ananda Kalyani Master Unit.


Casas da Mina – Hostel

Lat.: 40° 7′ 59.88″ N
Long.: 7° 43′ 0.012″ W3

See Map



10km from the Master Unit Ananda Kalyani



The international airports of Lisbon and Oporto are at the same distance of the retreat.

There are trains and buses to Fundão station. We provide transport from Fundão to the retreat place if you arrive before the set times (see options bellow).

From Lisbon: Train / Bus (select LISBOA -> FUNDAO)

Train discount if you buy 5 days ahead  / Group discount

From Porto: Bus (select PORTO -> FUNDAO)


A moment of inspiration

This is an opportunity to enjoy moments of introspection in a peaceful and inspiring environment. Come meditate in silence, doing daily yoga practice, walking in nature, eating delicious vegetarian food, and find that inner space where you are allowed to connect peacefully and harmoniously with other beings and the whole universe. At the same time we will have moments of interaction, reflection on our life and our role on this planet.

We will have the presence of the Indian monk Dada Krsnananda, who is dedicated to the quest for self-fulfillment and service to humanity to find true peace and happiness in our daily lives. He has worked in many parts of the world, starting as an engineer and then dedicating his life to the transformation of society. He has worked and coordinated social service projects in many regions, including in situations of natural catastrophes. He has recently worked in Europe, based in Portugal and Italy, teaching the techniques of Intuitive Science of Yoga and Meditation.
All moments of the retreat are opportunities to get and share inspiration in a familiar and relaxed atmosphere.





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There will be activities in the Ananda Kalyani Master Unit which is presently in development.

There will be activities for children and staff with them during the normal activities time.


Accommodation & Cost:

The amount of the retreat includes the stay, food and participation in all activities.

– Bed in same sex dormitory: 95 €

– Single bed in room for two people: 110 €

The accommodation is in same sex shared rooms with bathrooms.

All rooms have heating. Rooms are shared with people of the same gender. In the case of families it may be possible to have rooms shared with other families. This must be confirmed beforehand.

Information and signing-up:

Sign up here

After completing this form you will receive an email from [email protected] with details for the pre – payment (50% of the total value). With the pre – payment o your spot is confirmed. If you do not receive the email, check the SPAM folder and / or contact us. Thank you!

More info: [email protected]

This activity is organised by volunteers, we will answer questions as soon as possible, thank you for your understanding.

Things to bring

Walking shoes for outside
Indoor footwear (ex: indoor slippers)
Comfortable clothes
Personal hygiene items including bath towel
Paper and pen
Yoga mat
Sleeping bed (if you want more covers, all beds will have a duvet or blanket available)

Videos from previous retreats:

Going to the retreat was an opportunity to dive into my depths. The life that throbbed in the green of the majestic mountains, the sound of nature, meditating, practicing yoga and the inspiration transmitted by the Dadas awakened in me a growing awareness and inner wellbeing. Remembering the times when we saw the rise of the first sunlight of the day, lulled by the sound of a melody that vibrates with the meaning of “love is all that exists”, is being touched again by that feeling of universal love. (…) That all beings starved of life, freedom and divine love may be able to dive into this fantastic journey.

Nádia Cordeiro

Going to a retreat at the height of the holiday season alone has a special connotation. The decision to do so was wanting something new, leaving the routine forced by the whole year, and be able to recharge batteries for the new year ahead. So the search for possible programs was not hard. The New Year Retreat 2013/2014 “The Spirit of Yoga” of Ananda Marga, arose because it had to be … everything is what has to be!! After analyzing the program, where it would be experienced, it fully resonated with me and did not hesitate to sign up!!! And yes, it was a fantastic, unique experience.. from the moment of check-in, through an excellent intensive program, as well as the tireless and loving team without exception, that could the job with nobility, providing unforgettable moments. At the sound of the mantra “Baba Nam Kevalam” which means “All is Love”, I lived the days of retreat, with a full heart. I AM GRATEFUL, so grateful, eternally grateful to the Universe for all that allowed me to experience, enjoy and be able to Be, in these last days of the Year 2013. I leave with more than I brought, in this wonderful Spiritual Journey! BABA NAM KEVALAM

Isabel Aparicio

Centro Kailas

After a little searching but really wanting to have a calm and different new years, an opportunity arose to spend the last day of that year in a special place. A retreat in a beautiful space that gave me an unexpected inner journey through different wonderful moments such as the meditations and the Kiirtans, the sound of chanting the mantra Baba Nam Kevalam, lectures, plays, walks, delicious food, prepared by the fantastic Shiila and the music of Pedro de Faro who charmed our ears. Another aspect that I liked particularly was the exhilarating joy of all participants which led to all the tasks that we did had become very pleasant and very inspiring, with mutual assistance in all moments. For me, especially, it was a great joy the way I overcame my motor and balance difficulties I encountered on the hike we did on the mountain, which was only possible with the help of the people who supported me and who knew how to give me the necessary strength and confidence. It was a difficult time but a great lesson that will last for the rest of my life… My thanks.
I came out a different person, more relaxed and better equipped to face life and personal problems that it surprises us with. Thank you from the bottom of my heart to all who contributed to giving me this unique experience.

Miguel Moreira

A moment of inspiration led me to the foot of the enchanted mountain. Sintra, dream village, built by imagination was an idyllic setting and appropriate for my permanence to a deeper contact with my Self. The search for the magic, the inner peace and the meeting with the spirit was done in a noble journey proposal. I remained in a place and so I let myself go. This allowed me to leave my life luggage for a spiritual check-in and freed me to meet my most diverse senses; those that the everyday does not let glimpse. Meditating at 6am I found in myself a vague but virtuous feeling: I knew my place; I know it’s not here, I know it was not there, but right in the center of my soul.

Rui Ferreira