Daily schedule

The typical daily Schedule

The AMYCT program is committed to providing inspiring yoga classes, energizing chanting, daily meditations, and delicious vegetarian meals.  Every day promises a full schedule with a comprehensive curriculum that includes plenty of opportunities for hands on teaching and learning experiences.

6:00  Wake up
6:45- 8 Asana class
8-9 Morning Collective Meditation  (including  spiritual chants & dances & inspirational readings)
9-10 Breakfast + Karma yoga (chores)
10-12:30 Class
12:30 individual Noon Meditation
1-3 Lunch, free time, + karma yoga
3-5:30 Class
5:30-6:00 Class or free time
6-7  Evening Collective Meditation
7-8 Dinner
8-9:30 Class
9:30 End of daily program

Note: There will be Silence from 6 to 10 AM