Requirements to Receive Certification

It is our wish that this opportunity for personal growth and development be a success for each of you.  In order to support you in that achieving this goal, we must have your commitment to the following:

Mandatory attendance to all programs
Adequate completion of all assignments
Class participation
Practice teaching
Full payment of tuition
Proper understanding of and adherence to principles of Yoga Ethics (Yama and Niyama – limbs of Astaunga Yoga)

Pre-study: All Students are strongly encouraged to attend 2 yoga classes prior to the training and fill an evaluation form for each class.

Yoga Alliance

This 200 hour yoga teacher program is accredited by Yoga Alliance. Students are requested to maintain a strong code of ethics to ensure the physical, emotional, social and spiritual safety of all.  Signing a Code of Ethics is required by Yoga Alliance.  When all requirements are fulfilled, graduating student receive a certification from the Ananda Marga Yoga Teacher Certification School and may register with Yoga Alliance.