Elisabete Sabão


Elisabete Alexandre is a native of Belmonte, she has been working in the manufacture of handmade soap for more than 10 years, combining aesthetics with the most natural form of this type of articles. It is known for its participation in fairs from north to south of the country. He is also developing new lines of products in the area of cosmetics, applying the same concepts.

Mandalam Artesananto

Daniela is a craftswoman who is looking to find her own truth in harmony with all beings. Madalam handicraft is a very personal project, her criations are born from the gathering of her innermost feelings and Mother Earth.

Her beautiful pendants are made out of polymer cray and crystals.

Elixir D'Alegria

“Love is the biggest source of energy and Joy” are words from the author of this delicate handicraft.

In this work the experience of human behavior appears to be the base, and with that knowledge pieces like merino wool fairies, stained glass mandalas, glass censers, dream catchers, among other things.

With only handmade pieces, the author fills her work with a lot of good energy to fulfill the heart and home of those who purchase them.

“Love, as the elixir of Joy !!!

Simplesmente Mandalas

Mandala, in its essence, is an object or geometric form that helps in awareness to reach other levels of contemplation. The process of creating a Maldala is a slow and meticulous one, becoming a constant state of meditation. When it’s done it becomes an extremely colorful illustration.

Simplesmente Mandalas designs wonderful mandalas in stained glass, creating pieces such as: lamps, incense and candles bases, boxes, pendants, among others.


A Essência do Bambu

Bamboo is a very versatile plant, besides serving as decorative piece serves as the basis for a beautiful and innovative way of making handicrafts.
The stem can be harnessed to create art with a variant of daily utility. Essence of Bamboo works this material in a very delicate and innovative way, creating pieces of varied uses from mugs, glasses and spoons, to spirits spirits, incense base, among others.


New born Portuguese brand with the purpose of offering sustainable clothing and textile products so we can achieve a zero waste kind of life. Through the use of organic, recycled and reutilized materials Kalium wants to produce an alternative and timeless design and at the same time decrease the environmental impact.

For Kalium there is a great will of sharing this knowledge with their clients, so in that way they can have a more conscious, fare and environmental friend trade.

Fio de Reencontros

This group of two craftsmen began their activities in 2009. They’re work is mainly handmade and with the minimum of tools, where encounters and special moments are the inspiration for their creations.

After some travels they were able to experience some new techniques and materials, knowledge they like to share in person at festivals, making their pieces specifically to the one person buying them.

The materials they use include: copper, silver, alpaca; waxed cotton yarn; semi-precious stones; wood and exotic seeds.

During the winter they hibernate, and with the respect and dedication of an open heart they give life to beautiful handicraft.



Pura Natureza

With the porpuse of contribute to a better planet and general well-being, this store trades certified biological products. Since it’s a local company they prefer to work with national production and local resources, so they can provide the best products nature can give to they’re costumers.

Since biological products are pesticide and quimical free they are far better than conventional ones, and are a huge help when it comes to oncological, degenerative, autoimmune diseases and food intolerances.

Come join Pura Natureza and make “your food your own medicine”!


Soraia Bliss

“Soraia has always been passionate about music and the mysteries of the Universe. In order to meet this passion, she studied piano at the Covilhã Professional School of Arts in 2012 and completed the String and Keyboard Instrumentalist Course in 2015. She realized that she lacked something beyond the music in her life, and that’s when the Universe put her in a Peter Hess Sound Bowl concert in Covilha.
At the end of the concert it was so clear and obvious the decision to take the Intensive Massage Course Peter Hess, had found what was missing beyond the music in his life: to help people feel good, because it is in a world where everyone we are happy with life that we can grow and be the best of us.

In 2016 he completed the Intensive Massage Course of Peter Hess Sound and in 2017 he completed the Supervision, being granted the certificate of “Practitioner of Massage of Sound Peter Hess”. To complement the Sound Massages, he also did a Relaxation Massage course, which he applied to his therapies in order to provide the best well-being to the client.

About Therapy: The Peter Hess® Sound Massage is a method based on the ancient wisdom of healing through sound and long years of practice and research. In a sound massage the bowls are placed over the client’s body or around the client at strategic points, and these are very softly percuted. Harmonious sounds and gentle rhythmic vibrations run through the body. In this way it is possible to release stress, fears and concerns that are not beneficial to health. In this serene journey you will feel a deep relaxation and well-being, in a comfortable atmosphere of security and hospitality that endures.

The main benefits of Tibetan Cup Sound Therapy:

· Improves the ability to achieve a state of deep relaxation
· Help in solving problems and concerns
· Recharges our energy system, relieving suffering and pain (physical and emotional), helping to eliminate bloating, anxiety, stress, depression, sadness, insomnia and hyperactivity
· Increases creativity, concentration and ability to act
· Strengthens the immune system and improves self-confidence
· Helps maintain good humor and optimism about the infinite possibilities of life with a positive attitude “

Jishnu Verdier

with Jishnu Verdier

Certified by the College of Ayurveda Mdx University, UK
Certified by ITM (International Training Massage School in Chiangmai Thailand) in Thai massage Level 1 and 2

…. Find the harmony of your body and mind through a relaxing massage that combines the benefits of Oriental & Western techniques.


Catarina Ascensão

Since early, Catarina Ascensão connected with the subtle energies of the body, through movement. She discovers the intensity of energy transmission, qi gong and fascia therapy, along with her dance apprenticeship. Along with her path as a dancer, she develops a parallel road through holistic healing, focused on the merging of the movement with the massage, combining different techniques she has been receiving, in her journey.
Since 2012 Catarina has been traveling, sharing her experience and deepening her knowledge in several healing approaches, connecting it to her main expression – dance, focusing her interest in energy practices connected to qi gong, subtle/intuitive massage, food and daily practices as a main medicine.
At the moment she is receiving a Doula formation and deepening her tools in connection with the unique world of birth.The shamanic path reveals itself along this travels. (Re)Encounters taking place and showing the direction to follow.
Each inner travel brings doors to be open…

“At this moment I find myself in a beautiful period of existence. A point of  harmonious understanding of my journey, the tools I have, and the magic of sharing them with other beings.



A deep relaxation massage of full body, mixing techniques like ayurvedic / shiatsu / subtle touch / body manipulation / fascia treatment / energy emission – reiki / sound-voice. According to the conditions in each place, the session may be accompanied by live music, a sound journey to help entering the meditative state.
My work is profoundly intuitive and it’s the synergy between the person and me, that gives the direction of each session. The essence of my work is to connect to the persons energetic and physical body, and allow the body itself to guide me, and show me what does it need to heal itself.
The session will start with a short sharing about the needs and will of the person.


The person will be blindfolded, closing the eyes to the outside, opening the inner sight.
Silence, Music, The Drum, Crystals, Wind, Earth, Plants, Water … Listening, Touching, Moving…

Observing the world from the inside…

This very specific work has been developed in the last years by Catarina, as her approach to a deeper connection with the self and the opening of the perception doors of the body and being, releasing body traumas in the subtle level, so many times hidden in the depths of the cell. She works with couples or individually, combining a physical and an energetic body massage, in order to prepare the body to a “being danced” blindfolded session. In this session the person who is “danced” let her/himself dive in a travel where her/his body will follow different impulses connected to nature and the senses.

This work is particularly interesting when done in nature.
The space will be chosen according to the goal of each session, between participant and facilitator

Bhanu - Tulsi Centro de Terapias, Viseu

Questioning since an early age the existence of something not visible to the eye, I drank from various cultures and religions in search of unconditional love. In 2009 I was called inwardly for a new challenge: I found in Aura Reading the first door to my inner development. Reiki followed and finally, the discovery of the spiritual path with my master Paramahamsa Vishwananda. Despite the academic training in Marketing, in 2012 I quickly dived into therapies at a professional level through the SPA Technician Course. In 2015, the Aura Reading course allowed me to share this path of inner discovery and delve deeper into my essence.
In 2016 I started the Shamanic Medicine Cards course, which propelled me to a new path, enriching what I was already doing and pushing me to take the course of Pranic Healing in 2017 and start the training of Shamanic Family Constellations and the Post Graduation in Somatic Psychotherapy in Biosynthesis.

Aura Reading

“One sees well only with the heart. The essential is invisible to the eyes.”
Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

The Individual Aura Reading allows us to understand our stage of life, what challenges we are going through and what resources we have to reach a new stage. The Aura records everything that happens in this and other lives. It is a spirit-to-spirit communication therapy, through which the therapist has access to information in an intuitive way, referring to the vibratory state of the querent: emotions, patterns that repeat themselves, traumas, potentials, etc.

For the festival I present the Thematic Aura Readings, with a shorter duration than the general reading (1 hour). In this reading we approach a specific theme – work, relationships, family, health, etc. It is a great tool to help you make a decision. By booking two slots it is possible to do the integral aura reading (2 hours).

Medicine Cards

The Medicine Cards are used to this day by the American Indian tribes, by their Shamans (physician / healer / counselor), in a perspective of healing and encounter with the inner being of those who seek their help. In a consultation with the Medicine Cards, the focus is placed “inside”, not “outside” the person, in a perspective of inner growth. One tries to find in the person what they will have to change in order for the blockage to be resolved, assuming that all of us are at all times building our own “future”, and that meeting with ourselves is a fundamental part of the solution.