Ananda Festival of Bliss is a life-changing event where you can immerse yourself in art, ecology and nature. It is a chance to experience your creativity and a healthy lifestyle, and to discover new opportunities for social and ecological activism, to dance or simply relax amid the beauty of Nature.

You will be part of a gathering of seekers from all walks of life, where everyone is welcome to share their common passions, where you will make new friends and learn new ways of being and doing, in an atmosphere that will help you to materialize your dreams.
Come and share the powerful vibrations of an action-packed programme full of live music and dances, and life-changing workshops about art, ecology, vegan food, yoga and meditation.

You will enjoy swimming in the blue-green waters of the Paul river, which flows from the mountains of the magnificent Serra de Estrela Natural Reserve, in a valley rich in biodiversity and micro-ecosystems, where a sandy beach and quiet forests exude a subtle energy.
You may stroll along the lanes and pathways of an organic farm with fruit trees, berries and lush vegetation. At night the jet-black sky is studded with millions of twinkling stars that cast a magical spell over the whole terrain.


It is the aim of our enthusiastic team of volunteers to create an unforgettable experience of an alternative way of living, in close contact with Nature and a feeling of connection to Mother Earth, where we can realise that our activities can only be sustainable if we care for and nurture each other and the earth, and fairly share the resources of the world.

In this process the arts can be a powerful driving force, awakening people to new possibilities. The Ananda Festival of Bliss offers a vision for social transformation through a range of art forms and the hope that together we can create a better world where a more sustainable future will gradually take shape.

The true artist is not only a creator but a sage as well. As the representatives of millions and the architects of society, the artists cannot forget even for a moment the highest sanctity of their avocation. They are the messengers of the mute masses, the guardians of society. Though the slightest mistake on their part may result in catastrophe, their goodness also has the capacity to transform society beyond recognition

Edition 2018

No sales of alcoholic beverages, with incentive to non-use of drugs, with specific space for smokers, Ananda Festival is a different space in the context of the summer festivals. Suitable for families with children, there will be a Children’s Area, with several specific activities during the Festival.
A range of musicians will perform during the evenings at magical concerts. Short Film Screening, by UBI film students, are events that will also take place during the evenings. Several workshops will take place on different topics. Delicious vegan meals will be served in the dishes prepared by the MicroVita restaurant.


The Ananda Festival of Bliss will take place at the Ananda Kalyani, socio-ecological development centre located along a beautiful ecological corridor of the Serra da Estrela nature reserve.

Run by a team of international volunteers from diverse backgrounds with a wide range of skills, the project envisions developing a model of sustainable living in response to modern social, economic and environmental challenges.


This three-day spiritual journey is for you who believe in a kinder and more connected way of living. Ananda Festival of Bliss is a revolutionary festival where we together co-create a thriving community. By nurturing ourselves and  our environment,we grow from within and as a whole.

The festival is an invitation for getting to know what Ananda Marga is all about,  as well as a chance to contribute with your own presence and art form. While you are here you have an opportunity to experience meditation, kiirtan, yoga, satvik food, live music, art performances, nature immersion and much more!

Ananda Festival of Bliss is a gathering of seekers from all walks of life, creating a space where everyone is welcome, regardless of who you are or where you are from..


Our ongoing path is to bring about renewed consciousness through our activities and lecture series offered where we hope to raise knowledge about the state of the world that we live in. We honour our belief that we are all coming and going to and from the same source, and thus are all intrinsically connected.

We believe that Ananda Festival of Bliss is able to show you that we are one big family of beings, no matter our differences. We want to offer you a chance to let yourself go and invite new possibilities into your life.

We give you a chance to honour yourself with deliciously wholesome vegetarian and vegan food, stretching and unwinding with daily yoga classes and experience the power of kiirtan. Dive deep into meditation , listen to carefully selected music and witness or participate in acts of art and performance..


We hope to touch you in some way, and together feel harmony, sisterhood and love. In a way we could call it a “retreat festival” where we ultimately create a stronger and deeper relationship between each other and our surrounding. – and simply feel the natural state of bliss.


Our unique festival is set in the heart of the Sierra da Esrtrela national park, within our multi-dimensional development project, Ananda Kalyani Master Unit It envisions being a centre of environmental and social excellence in the near future all run by an international team from diverse backgrounds and with a wide range of skills. Its goal is to develop a model of sustainable living in response to modern social, economic and environmental challenges.