Learning Center

After several years of offering more informal learning experiences to hundreds of volunteers / participants every year, our proposed project entails the formal setup of a Learning Center within the Ananda Kalyani settlement. The overall theme of the Learning Center is Regeneration and Sustainability, seen from an Intergenerational Justice viewpoint.

In the last years we identified the following main objectives for our Learning Center:

1) awareness about the consequences of decisions taken NOW and the impact they will have on future generations;
2) facilitating ways to put this awareness into daily actions to create more sustainable habits;
3) sharing best practices with the local community and similar international projects, to maximize outreach and impact.

Their critical importance lead us to the idea of formalizing our current educational activities into a more official, organized and attractive Learning Center, for a greater local and global impact.

The holistic Learning Center approach will be rooted in harmony with nature and the surrounding community, focusing on how to meet the needs of the present generation without compromising the needs of future generations. To discover and nurture altruistic mental tendencies (e.g. kindness, generosity, self-sacrifice), in opposition to survival tendencies (e.g. fear, accumulation, fight & flight) will define whether society will move towards violence and unsustainable behavior or towards a more peaceful and benevolent society. Intergenerational justice is the viewpoint from which we link many different topics ranging from agriculture to socio-economic topics, from disaster preparedness to more spiritual concepts that aim to change dysfunctional mind patterns.

The P of Purpose from the Quadruple Bottom Line framework of sustainability is important to us in this light: Over the years we have seen that discovering a more altruistic mindset often goes hand in hand with an emerging new, more sustainable, sense of purpose in people’s life. We highly support these processes in the people we work with, because this individual change forms the base for a larger societal change. As you can see, for us work on individual level is considered as important as the development of collective characteristics and practical skills. Therefore in the setup phase of our project, we will look to work with professionals with experience in incorporating these aspects in their curriculum development.


At the moment we are in the Initiation phase of this project, highly supported with enthusiasm from volunteers and participants from last events. Up to mid 2019 we will focus on continuing our educational activities held in Ananda Kalyani and surroundings cities, while the Learning Center concept will be consolidated with key members and other local partner-NGOs.

To be continued…