Volunteer at the Master Unit!

Volunteer programs are one of the most important elements for the development of Ananda Kalyani´s spirit. United we can find better solutions, we can perform daily tasks in a more light and happy way, we can all learn from each other, and singing together is (usually) much better than singing alone…
Several volunteer programs are available, please consult this page regularly or get notified by our Facebook page to stay up to date.

EVS (European Voluntary Service) & ESC (European Solidarity Corps) programs:


  • candidates must be between the ages of 17 and 30; candidates between 25 and 30 years will get priority;
  • financial support: all essential costs related to your volunteering project; you will be provided with insuranceaccommodation, board and any local transport that you may need, and a small amount of ‘pocket money‘;
  • EVS volunteering projects in Ananda Kalyani are usually long term but we are open for short term projects as well;
  • you volunteer on an unpaid and full-time basis;
  • what you have achieved and learned through volunteering is certified via the Youthpass recognition tool.


Active Projects:


If you are interested to volunteer in Ananda Kalyani please contact us. We will need the contacts of your sending organization so that together we will be able to create the project tailored specifically for you and apply with it. The results about the approval of the project will be accordingly to the deadline (October, February, May).


Ended Projects:


  • 2017 – ORGANIC EPIC 2 – ANANDA MARGA Portugal
    • 3 volunteers from all over Europe.
  • 2017 – ORGANIC EPIC – AMURT Portugal
    • 3 volunteers from all over Europe.
  • 2016 – EVS Treasure Hunt – AMURT Portugal
    • 3 volunteers from Italy: Valeria, Francesca and Andrea!


Ananda Kalyani internships:

  • 6 and 12 months positions, in the areas of:
    1. agriculture & natural construction
    2. ecology, sustainability & permaculture


Please send your CV and motivation letter to [email protected] before February 2019.