Erasmus+ projects

Ananda Festival of Bliss Youth Exchange, 2022.

Erasmus+ Youth Exchange

Youth exchanges are Erasmus+ programs, which is an initiative of the European Union aimed at supporting education, training, youth, and sport. Our youth exchanges usually are open to participants from 18-30 years old and one youth leader without age limit from any partnering countries. The age of the participants may vary depending on the projects. They typically involve activities such as workshops, discussions, team-building exercises, and cultural events. The goal is to foster mutual respect, tolerance, and cooperation among young people. Learn more about upcoming Erasmus+ youth exchanges by following the button below.

Erasmus+ Training Courses

Erasmus+ offers training courses for youth workers, trainers, and other professionals involved in youth development. These courses provide opportunities for skill development, networking, and sharing best practices. Training courses may cover a variety of topics, including youth work methodologies, project management, intercultural communication, and leadership skills. Participants often engage in hands-on activities and collaborative learning experiences.

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