What is a Master Unit?

The concept of a Master Unit

A Master Unit is a small-scale Integrated Rural Development (IRD) project, dedicated to spirituality, local development and holistic regeneration. It encompasses ecological, environmental, economic, and social aspects, serving as a model and educational hub. It describes a specific kind of development programme, rooted on socio-environmental awareness. This programme is characterized by a strong volunteer component and a self-development foundation within an eco-friendly settlement. A Master Unit can be considered as a ‘nerve centre’, playing a pivotal role in promoting an healthy and balanced development of the local community.

While a Master Unit shares similarities with the ecovillage concept and often includes one or more intentional communities, its distinguishing features are a strong emphasis on social service to the local community and a connection with an international network of similar projects and initiatives. A Master Unit is not just a physical space, but also a hub for various projects associated with Ananda Marga and other like-minded ecological, social, cultural, and spiritual associations. Learn more about Master Units around the world by clicking the button below.

Origin of the term

The foundation of a Master Unit is Neohumanistic, fostering an open, holistic, and intuitive outlook through practices aimed at pure consciousness and spirituality. The diverse expertise of its members, coupled with a scientific approach to testing and implementing new techniques, provides fertile ground for the development of robust, well-grounded projects, as as recommended and inspired by Shrii Shrii Anandamurti.

The Saḿskrta name of Master Unit is Cakranemii which means “the nucleus of the cakra” (wheel). As there are different nerve centres in the body which control the function of the different limbs and organs, and which are finally controlled by the mind itself, likewise the Master Units will be treated as the nerve centres of the society. There has to be active representation and participation from all the departments, branches and sub-branches of Ananda Marga in the Master Units. The Master Units to be economically self-sufficient in all respects. The goal of Master Units is to expand all possible services, particularly in the fields of education, culture, economics and spiritual upliftment. These Master Units will work to improve the fate, first of all human beings, and then of all living beings, irrespective of caste, creed, colour, religion and national barriers. A Master Unit develops and expands through a holistic concept inspired by its founder, Shrii Shrii Anandamurti. It aims to collaborate with various Ananda Marga departments or external associations that align with its mission. In the case of the Ananda Kalyani Master Unit, these include ARTivos, EcoAtivo, Amurt, Pequena Ilha Verde, and PRIP. These associations contribute to regeneration on multiple fronts: spiritual, cultural, environmental, political, social, and economic. They engage in research, host events, run programs, and implement practices that align with the Master Units’ concept and the specific implementation of each Master Unit. Learn more about how we collaborate following the button below.

Ananda Kalyani, our Master Unit, is more than just a picturesque land with a river coursing through it and an array of agricultural fields, greenhouses, gardens, permaculture structures, natural buildings and inspiring paths through agroforestry plots. It serves as a nucleus and gathering point for our various projects, a venue for events, and a welcoming place for visitors, residents, and volunteers. Ananda Kalyani boasts activity spaces, a meditation yurt, camping grounds, a river beach, and much more. It’s the perfect hub to develop pilot projects and incubate progressive action, a space for community building and personal development, where we strive to progressively implement and expand, in alignment with the Cakranemi principles.

“You should remember that human life is not like a single flower, it is like a bouquet or a garden of flowers blooming with many varieties of flowers”

– Shrii Shrii Anandamurti

5 requisites of an ideal Master Unit


   In order to provide food throughout the year, sufficient local raw materials must be produced through agriculture and scientific farming. These raw materials will provide the basis for industrial units and agro-industries such as dairy farms, horticulture, sericulture, etc.


The production of sufficient fibres and fabrics for clothing should be implemented in Master Units. For example, fibres from ladies’ fingers (okra), pineapple, sugar beet, banana, basil, cotton, sisal and other local organic materials can be used for clothing, according to local fashion.


   Primary and post-primary schools should be started on all Master Units. A thirst for knowledge must be awakened, and, to quench that thirst, proper education must be given. Only then will education be worthwhile and develop the body, mind and ideals of the student.

Medical care

   General and special medical units should also be established. These would accommodate invalid people for a certain periods because Master Units may or may not run big hospitals. They should emphasize alternative medical treatments.


   Master Units should undertake schemes to construct houses for extremely poor people. This special housing scheme for the poor must be immediately established.

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