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Ananda Kalyani – The Master Unit project

Ananda Kalyani is a pioneering Integrated Rural Development (IRD) project of Ananda Marga dedicated to spirituality, local development and holistic regeneration, encompassing environmental, economic, and social aspects. Our aim is to serve as a model and educational hub for sustainable and regenerative living in the 21st century.

Nestled in the heart of Portugal, near the Serra da Estrela Natural Reserve, Ananda Kalyani has been transformed from a lush, abandoned valley into a vibrant, habitable space over the past few years. We work in collaboration with several organizations such as EcoAtivo (Ecology & Environment), ARTivos (Art & Culture), PRIP (Economy & Politics), Pequena Ilha Verde (Education), and Amurt (Humanitarian Aid), to create thriving projects, events, and partnerships.

Our property spans 50 hectares, featuring wild forests, a picturesque river, scattered ruins, small springs, and wild fruit trees, and 11 hectares of certified organic agricultural land. We offer camping and caravan spaces, Casa & Praça Dharma – our activity hall, dining area, and dormitory, Dhyana Mandir – our meditation yurt, and outdoor facilities including sawdust toilets and hot showers. We are currently in the process of constructing a hostel that will comfortably accommodate 32 guests.

In 2010, we set out to find land in Serra da Estrela to build and establish an Ananda Marga Master Unit in Portugal. The dream was to create a model integrated development project and blissful community for collective spiritual practice, self-realization and service to all beings. That dream is what we now call Ananda Kalyani. Our community has grown over the past 12 years from a small group of visionaries and an overgrown and desolate land into a recognized Master Unit, GEN European ecovillage and ERASMUS+ Partner. We host youth exchanges, training courses, events, workshops, and retreats, and have formed lasting connections with a global Ananda Kalyani family.



Our Aims

Regenerative living

To create a model for 21st-century living based on universal love and all-round service, which will become a replicable educational, research and valuable  resource for the local region and society at large.

Social Service

To help improve the quality of life of all living beings, both human and non-human, and to create a supportive environment which provides for the needs of the residents and the surrounding community of Cova da Beira.

Social Hub

To bring together people who are interested in the study of their own consciousness, in music and the arts, education, culture, health, economics and innovative scientific techniques. To those who want to create a better world.

Local economy

To strengthen local communities and the surrounding region by helping them to become self-reliant in basic necessities such as food and energy, and to create more employment opportunities, preferably through cooperatives.

Conscious lifestyle

To promote a healthy and ecologically conscious lifestyle that includes spiritual practice, a vegetarian/vegan diet, joyful and appropriately challenging recreation, respect and protection of nature and biodiversity.

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What is a Master Unit?

What is a Master Unit?

The primary framework for creating our project is the idea of the Master Unit. Learn about the key elements that form Ananda Kalyani and why it lies at the core of our values.

Our Team

Our Team

Behind every significant project, there is a team investing their time and energy to make things happen. Get to know the people building the project behind the scenes.

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