Hello December!

As December unfolds, it brings with it a unique blend of festivities, reflections, and the promise of new beginnings. In this month’s blog, we will delve into the upcoming events that promise to shape our December and set the tone for the approaching year. But before diving into the excitement that lies ahead, let’s take a moment to honour some moments of the past month, a time full of activities and celebrations that allowed us to savour the fruits of our collective efforts. 

Olive Picking Day

In collaboration with Casa do Povo do Paúl, PRIP, EcoAtivo, Cova da Beira Converge and other active associations of the region we hosted our first collective harvest! In the future, we plan to expand this project to gather fruits, olives, and other products for abandoned properties or landowners who require or desire a helping hand in gathering their harvest while maintaining a feeling of community and mindful use of the local resources.

     Olive tree harvesting in Serra da Estrela.

The festive mood of Santa Bebiana

In the first days of December, we participated in the biggest festival in our neighbouring village of Paúl. EcoAtivo hosted a scenic walk alongside the Roman irrigation systems, showcasing the historical charm of the region. A delightful show-cooking event featured the use of some of Ananda Kalyani’s homegrown vegetables, adding a touch of freshness and local flavour. ARTivos contributed to the festivities with an inclusive art exhibition involving children, while PRIP hosted an insightful panel discussing the emancipatory manifesto of Santa Bebiana and outlined aspirations for regional development.

Santa Bebiana celebration in Paul.

New Year’s Retreat: Riding the Waves of Bliss

New Year’s Retreat 2022 footage.

As we prepare to bid farewell to the current year, the anticipation of fresh starts and exciting opportunities fills the air. The biggest excitement awaits us in the upcoming New Year’s Retreat, where you will get a chance to gather with your spiritual family and have a magnificent start to the New Year filled with Satsang, love and bliss.

The programme covers:

● 3 days of continuous kiirtan

● Didis and Dadas (monks & nuns) will give workshops as well as private spiritual mentoring

● A nice mix of philosophical, spiritual and practical workshops

● Asana (yoga posture) classes twice per day

● Good vibrations, yummy sattvik and yogic food and satsang (spiritual company and family time) 

● Optional first bath in the river and hike of the year.

There are still a few places left, so don’t miss the opportunity to kickstart the next year with us, register by following the link below.

We wish you a beautiful December full of festivities, joy and good vibes!

With love,

Your Ananda Kalyani family.

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