Thanks 2023: A Year of Achievements and Growth

As we bid farewell to 2023, it’s time to reflect on the milestones and accomplishments that have shaped the past year. From the opening of the enchanting Pequena Ilha Verde to the construction of a new hostel, the hosting of the Ananda Festival, Erasmus+ projects and the rejuvenating Spring Retreat, 2023 has been a year filled with significant events and progress. Beyond these visible achievements, it has also been a period of meticulous planning and developmental strides that set the stage for a promising future.

Pequena Ilha Verde: A Gem Unveiled

Since the foundation of the association, Pequena Ilha Verde has been dedicated to nurturing the children within our community. This September, they opened their doors to the world extending the reach of our immediate community, which unfolds the new chapter of our journey. Pequena Ilha Verde embodies our commitment to providing neohumanistic education for the younger ones, fostering a space for growth, learning, and community.

Pequena Ilha Verde: The Neohumanistic Kindergarten.

The Construction of the Brand-new Hostel

Another milestone in our cap is the building process of a new hostel. During this year the process of construction was actively held on our land. This place will accommodate 32 people who will get a chance to live in nature while having all the necessary comfort. The Hostel stands not only as a physical testament to our growth but also as a symbol of hospitality and inclusivity. With its doors wide open, the hostel will become available already in Spring 2024.

The construction of the hostel, Ananda Kalyani.

Ananda Festival of Bliss: A Celebration of Joy and Unity

The Ananda Festival brought a burst of joy and celebration to our community. Through music, art, and shared experiences, this festival transcended boundaries and united hearts. The memories created during these days continue to inspire us, reminding us of the power of collective joy and celebration.

Ananda Festival of Bliss 2023.

ESC Volunteering


That’s the total number of days we had the ESC volunteers this year! This year, we’ve been fortunate to host a remarkable team of European Solidarity Corps (ESC) volunteers. Together, these dedicated ESC volunteers have played an instrumental role in contributing to our project, embodying the spirit of solidarity and collaboration across borders.

Erasmus+ Projects

This year’s Erasmus projects have been a diverse exploration of crucial themes, fostering collaboration, awareness, and sustainable practices among participants. Whether fostering intercultural interaction and cooperation, as exemplified in the Back to Nature Youth Exchange, or exploring our impact on nature in the Footprint Youth Exchange, the participants were encouraged to become active citizens, promoting sustainability, healthy lifestyles, and harmonious relationships with nature.

Youth Exchange Initiatives: Our projects aimed to elevate awareness and understanding of pressing global issues. In our quest to deepen our understanding of the intricate relationship between humanity and nature, the “Back to Nature” youth exchange was a beacon of consciousness. By encouraging intercultural interaction, fostering cooperation, and building lasting connections, this initiative transcended the project’s timeline.

Sustainable Living Discourse: Delving into the profound question of our impact on nature, the “Footprints” Youth exchange initiated discussions on tools for creating a better world. Various topics, including permaculture, sociocracy, design web, social economy, and ecology, were explored, equipping participants with practical tools for living in harmony with the environment.

Networking and Community Building: In the “Connecting Experiences” initiative, youth workers came together to share knowledge, experiences, and ideas. The focus was on disseminating good practices, fostering cooperation, and promoting non-formal and informal learning. The aim was to empower participants to transfer acquired knowledge to youth, enhance social entrepreneurship, employment, and cooperation, and build international relationships for future EU development. This project served as a catalyst for positive change and collective growth.

Back to Nature Youth Exchange, 2023.

A Year of Planning and Development: Laying the Foundation for Tomorrow

Amidst these visible achievements, 2023 was also marked by meticulous planning and the development of essential structures. While not as immediately visible, these efforts lay the foundation for a sustainable and thriving future. This focus on strategic planning reflects our commitment to continuous improvement and the long-term vision we hold for our community.

An important aspect of this year was the initiation of the European Master Unit Network (EMUN) which is co-funded by Eramus+. This marked a significant milestone as we conducted monthly meetings, diligently laying the groundwork for this network. Designed to facilitate the exchange of knowledge, projects, and financial support among its members, the EMUN is a testament to our commitment to collaborative growth. Between two impactful mobilities—one centered on active citizenship using the “Tools to Change the World” methodology in Denmark and another focused on environmental sustainability in Portugal—we successfully engaged individuals from five additional countries. Their involvement was instrumental in shaping and planning the EMUN, underscoring our dedication to fostering international collaboration and making meaningful strides toward a shared vision.

As we express gratitude for the successes of 2023, we also look forward to the future with optimism and determination. Here’s to the achievements of 2023 and the exciting journey that lies ahead in the coming years!

With warm regards,

Your Ananda Kalyani Family.

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